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Sprintx platform for entrepreneurs and new business ideas that will unlock the potential of the cryptocurrency market with the support of SwitchX as a multifunctional exchange with access to debit cards.
The SprintX component, smart contract generator and ICO manufacturer, has the following functions:

Accept applications from startup, analyze all incoming applications from startup and decide whether startup will go to the next step, and develop a smart contract to start, advise, give full strategy and ICO services.

Fundación NOVA “startup collection”, also performs the following functions:
Analyze strategy to launch startup. - Estimate how ready the startup is and send it to the next stage. - Provide funds to start based on their progress and development. - Manage all startup processes, set goals and tasks to complete within 16 weeks.
SwitchX, making currency exchange crypto and paper money, will fulfill the following functions:
Changing the currency of a crypto becomes a meaningful …

BETEX ICO REVIEW - Smart cryptocurrency contract

Betex is a new generation platform that successfully leads to blockchain as a base, so any transactions that happen will be safer and will also have a good level of transparency, this will make users feel more comfortable and efficient. Where users will be directed to choose between up or down market prices and everything can change at any time, even in minutes. In this case, our platform guarantees the absence or uncertainty of the gaming market by irresponsible developers and users. Market prices also include several things, such as currency, indices, stocks, metals, minerals, oils, and many other things. A user will be paid by writing something correctly, putting the correct price.
When you trade in different options, you should evaluate the effect of price fluctuations on what you like in this case. This strategy is considered more effective, because you do not have to predict insurance rates, you just need to decide whether the price will be higher or lower.
For example the abov…


PENDAHULUAN Perkembangan mata uang digital atau cryptocurrency begitu cepat dan agresif. Terdapat sekitar 630 uang digital di pasar. Jumlah itu belum termasuk produk investasi berbasis uang digital. Perkembangan teknologi keuangan ini mulai mengguncang layanan keuangan dan sistem pembayaran global. Cryptocurrency sudah ada sekitar sepuluh tahun lalu dan kini telah menjadi cukup populer, tersebar luas, serta dilingkupi juga atas banyak kontroversi dari perkembangan yang inovatif.
MONETO Pada kesempatan ini saya akan menjelaskan tentang, proyek yang sangat luar biasa. MONETO adalah Blockchain yang Didukung oleh Credits dan Cryptocurrency Unik yang memberi kesempatan bagi pengguna pada sistem, agar mendapatkan mata uang untuk jangka waktu tertentu, dan kemudian, tanpa biaya transaksi yang signifikan, mengembalikan investasi kripto. Dengan Moneto, pengguna bisa mendapatkan kondisi yang lebih menguntungkan bagi mereka dalam bentuk pinjaman, tanpa menjual kripto mereka. layanan kriptografi k…