BETEX ICO REVIEW - Smart cryptocurrency contract

Betex is a new generation platform that successfully leads to blockchain as a base, so any transactions that happen will be safer and will also have a good level of transparency, this will make users feel more comfortable and efficient. Where users will be directed to choose between up or down market prices and everything can change at any time, even in minutes. In this case, our platform guarantees the absence or uncertainty of the gaming market by irresponsible developers and users. Market prices also include several things, such as currency, indices, stocks, metals, minerals, oils, and many other things. A user will be paid by writing something correctly, putting the correct price.

When you trade in different options, you should evaluate the effect of price fluctuations on what you like in this case. This strategy is considered more effective, because you do not have to predict insurance rates, you just need to decide whether the price will be higher or lower.

For example the above diagram shows the interconnected with each other,
blockchain and smart contracts, in which case it plays a backend role. This organization is in shape
provides many advantages but has one major disadvantage - its scalability is very limited.
Merchants will always place others and this is what makes it the best system, the merchant will be somewhere else to repeat or help or help you. This extraordinary strategy is very clear if traders are getting ready, and it is best to keep the best for traders to pay. That's a problem, you should really broker it's fine. He proves this is not an assumption that can be made. Because Bеtеx is built very clearly, the existing platform is more transparent than ever. They also do this by providing access by using access to data and by using these parties to exit the withdrawal process. The problem is all the same game area. In a remarkable way, excessive choice is the ultimate goal, so it does not really matter.
Direct payment with the help of a simple mobile phone ethereum contract directly to your wallet. Investors / traders can immediately draw conclusions from their wallets. The Betex platform operates on public blockchain technology. So users can have access to full platform functionality without making initial deposit, and this is another advantage for the Betex platform.

Betex was created with the aim of allowing merchants to bet on one another, as it usually happens on other platforms. Merchants will form a large amount of liquidity for each base asset to maximize profit and profit potential.

Instant transactions and blockchain technology allow Betex to eliminate unnecessary intermediaries, they can provide services with little or no cost and at a very low cost compared to using the main competition. Betex can also advertise itself as one platform where 95% of the funds are distributed among successful merchants.
In addition, users can directly access all platform functions, and payments are automatically deleted through smart contracts directly in the user's ETH wallet, and this also includes other features that enhance security and reliability because you do not have to trust the platform or wait for the payout limit to be reached.

In addition, to note that you need to undergo a KYC procedure for token transactions. Token sales are available to Americans - only qualified American investors can buy BETEX

Token sales information :

Start of pre-sale round 1: 04.12.17 at 14:00 GMT 
End of pre-sale round 1: 08.01.18 at 14:00 GMT 
or 500,000 of BETEX tokens are sold out Pre-sale round 1
 BETEX token price: $2.00 
Max amount of tokens to be sold: 500,000 out of 10,000,000 (5%)
Pre-sale round 1 hard cap: $ 1,000,000 
Min purchase amount: 15,000 BETEX 


Start of pre-sale round 2: 10.01.18 at 14:00 GMT
End of pre-sale round 2: 18.02.18 at 14:00 GMT 
or 1,500,000 of BETEX tokens are sold out Pre-sale round 2
BETEX token price: $2.50
Max amount of tokens to be sold: 1,500,000 out of 10,000,000 (15%)
Pre-sale round 2 hard cap: $ 3,750,000
Min purchase amount: 5,000 BETEX 


Start of main token sale: 01.03.18 at 16:00 GMT
End of main token sale: 31.03.18 at 16:00 GMT
or 3,000,000 of BETEX tokens are sold out Main
BETEX token sale price: $3.00
Max amount of tokens to be sold: 3,000,000 out of 10,000,000 (30%)
Main BETEX token sale hard cap: $ 9,000,000
Min purchase amount: 0.5ETH or 0.05BTC 

Token distribution :



For more information, visit the address below:
For more information, visit the address below:
Bitcointalk URL :;u=1453816


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