Sprintx platform for entrepreneurs and new business ideas that will unlock the potential of the cryptocurrency market with the support of SwitchX as a multifunctional exchange with access to debit cards.

The SprintX component, smart contract generator and ICO manufacturer, has the following functions:

Accept applications from startup, analyze all incoming applications from startup and decide whether startup will go to the next step, and develop a smart contract to start, advise, give full strategy and ICO services.

Fundación NOVA “startup collection”, also performs the following functions:

Analyze strategy to launch startup.
- Estimate how ready the startup is and send it to the next stage.
- Provide funds to start based on their progress and development.
- Manage all startup processes, set goals and tasks to complete within 16 weeks.

SwitchX, making currency exchange crypto and paper money, will fulfill the following functions:

Changing the currency of a crypto becomes a meaningful means or vice versa for a common beginning.
- Integrate the token into the exchanger or be an exchange for trading.
- Split the profits among all token holders.

The sprintX aims to be a single platform for launching ICO projects, providing quality services and technical tools with the ability to issue new products. The vision of the developer and founding platform is that they will support any lucrative ICO projects and ICO proposals, regardless of scale. They also want to order a 10% tokens that will pass through the platform to exchange via SwitchX, to generate more trading volume and all transactions to be distributed by investors.

Exchange provides transcendental changes with SwitchX. SwitchX also has a great opportunity to become the first Exchange, which is focused on adapting blockchain functions, and can unite virtual and real world, approaching computer and cryptocurrency user requirements.

At this time the acceptance of the cryptocurrency, the beginning of Bitcoin or Ethereum, is done using an existing Exchange. Share Cryptresources web sites coming directly or indirectly using FIAT currency. As seen in other exchanges, it usually rises from 0.10% to 0.25%. There are different Exchange systems that base their models on currency trading using bitcoins. The majority of exchanges have political bases, using phyto-tropic accounts and reflecting on operations using cryptocurrency. In addition, the price of the currency can also be used by anyone who can buy profits from the sale of cryptocurrency. Although, sales are fictitious. This exchange is to benefit from Crypto.

It can be inferred that SprintX has sufficient means to thrive, fulfill its purpose and benefit its owner.





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